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The last four weeks

Four weeks before D-day, we would like to invite you again for a Brexit webinar with a different perspective. By December we will probably know a lot more, either good or bad news. A timely and decent deal seems further away than ever; every partial agreement will be welcome, no matter how small.

We would like to engage you in the matter of Border Operating Model (BOM) and the consequences for business. We offer you honest and pragmatic testimonials from both sides of the North Sea and define what hurdles are still ahead of us.


1. Lucien Stötefalk - Head of Customer and Operational Services UK & NL DFDS
Border Operating Model, short intro, who decides, pros and cons, decision making process DFDS (preparation internally and customers) 

2. Mark Woodard- Felixstowe Agency Manager DFDS
How the DFDS  UK East-Coast Ports (Felixstowe, Immingham and Newcastle) will operate after the transition period

3. Stefan Verhagen- Policy Advisor Customs Affairs Fenex
How do forwarders deal with late developments of the BOM and how will they service/unburden customers both ways as of 1 January 2021?


Lucien Stötefalk
Lucien worked for various freight forwarders and transport companies before joining DFDS in 2014. DFDS Seaways has an extensive route network on the North Sea. They offer freight and terminal services from various locations around the North Sea with a modern fleet of ro-ro and ro-pax vessels.

Mark Woodard:
Started at Norfolk Line (1979) London,  followed by various assigments in Chatham (UK), Denmark and Felixstowe where he performed several managerial roles for the UK-Benelux routes.
In 2010 DFDS acquired Norfolk Line and today Mark is UK Manager Agency South, responsible for Felixstowe route operations and also trailer repair/transhipment facilities

Stefan Verhagen:
After 17 years in logistic business functions Stefan joined TLN/Fenex in 2017. Stefan’s  expertise includes customs affairs and border control topics. He is focal point for Dutch Customs as well as the Dutch Food and Customer Product Safety Authority.

Dit webinar is geheel Engelstalig.

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