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About Deltalinqs

Deltalinqs promotes the common interests of over 95% of all logistic, ports and industrial enterprises in the mainport Rotterdam. Over 700 companies from fourteen different sectors join the association of entrepreneurs. Together the mainport Rotterdam accounts for 8.2% of the Dutch Gross National Product and provides work, either directly or indirectly, to over 565,000 people.

At Deltalinqs we are striving to strengthen Rotterdam’s competitiveness, sustainable growth and social and political acceptability for all activities within the port and industrial area; all for the benefit of our members. Deltalinqs’s general principles are entrepreneurship and innovation and has clustered its interests representation in relation to six themes: business climate, energy & raw materials transition, infrastructure & accessibility, environment & sustainability, education & employment and safety & security.

We are active, professional, we have a clear view and a fresh approach at all times. Deltalinqs underlines that it is an association for and by its members. We ask businesses to think with us and share their expertise with others. Knowledge networking groups offer a welcoming platform to make this happen. Together we really work out common concerns. On top of this, we develop port-wide initiatives, likely of use to all Deltalinqs members, wherever needed and viable. Examples of these are the Digital Safety Passport, the Deltalinqs Training Window and the Deltalinqs Annual Dinner party.

Deltalinqs’s network is vast and divers. Lobby is an important tool to us, aiming to influence decision making. We promote the interests of our members at many institutions, both locally, nationally and in European circles. As representative of entrepreneurs, we are the obvious sparring partner for quite a number of authorities; the Port of Rotterdam Authority, environmental protection agency DCMR, Customs and others included. We also represent trade and industry in project organisations, working schemes and other kinds of initiatives. Deltalinqs is co-signatory of the contingency agenda Port Vision 2030. We actively aim at helping to materialise targets, as laid down in this port document.

Deltalinqs was established in 2001. It is the continuation of much older organisations, such as the port entrepreneurs organisation Rotterdam SVZ (established in 1907) and the foundation Europoort/Botlek Belangen (the association for industrial businesses, established in 1962). In the Board are representatives of trade and industry. It is headed by an independent chairman. The organisation is run by 19 employees.